A new lesbian streaming channel has been launched

Move over Netflix, here comes Lesflicks. The newest addition to the streaming-verse has been launched, offering a ton of LBTQ+ films and video-on-demand content aimed at filling a big gap in the market.

The platform’s MO is to show films that show women loving women, have a central lesbian or bisexual narrative and show their characters in a positive light.

Lesflicks is the brainchild of Naomi Bennett, founder of LBQ website Planet Nation LBQ, and it aims to bring a similar community spirit to the world of streaming. ‘Women on Facebook would ask for recommendations almost daily, and [I’d see] the same handful of films being recommended,’ she tells The Fab Femme Mag of Lesflicks’s origins. ‘Many lesbian women can’t even name more than 15 titles, yet I’ve found over 300 so far. [Lesflicks] makes it easy to find and watch the content that was made for a lesbian/bisexual audience.’

Subscriptions cost £4.63 a month (£46.33 a year) – and there’s the option of a free three-day trial if you want to try before you buy. Head to the Lesflicks site for the full lowdown and to get watching.

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