Three iconic Banksy works have just gone on display – and you can buy them

In great news for street-art fans, Sotheby’s auction house has put three classic, rare works by anonymous art megastar Banksy on display. 

Amazingly, all three works belong to the singer Robbie Williams and will be going up for auction next month. The iconic ‘Kissing Coppers’ – originally painted on the wall of a pub in Brighton – is estimated at £2.5-3.5 million, ‘Girl With Balloon’ is estimated at £2-3 million and ‘Vandalised Oil (Choppers)’ is estimated at £2.5-3.5 million.

This all follows hot on the heels of Banksy’s infamous shredded artwork, which hit headlines when it tore itself apart just as it was sold at auction, also at Sotheby’s. And then the shredded version went for even more than the non-shredded version, also at Sotheby’s. Totally normal art-world stuff, there.

The three Robbie Williams-owned works are on display now until the auction on March 2, because nothing says iconoclastic street-art rebellion like big-ticket sales at the world’s most famous auction house. 

The Now Evening Auction is at Sotheby’s, work is on display until Mar 2. Free. Details here

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