You can battle zombies in the ‘Army of the Dead’ immersive experience

Get ready, because a zombie apocalypse is coming to London. 

Obviously it’s not an actual zombie apocalypse, it’s a virtual reality immersive experience. ‘Viva Las Vengeance: Army of the Dead’ is a spin off from Netflix’s zombie heist film ‘Army of the Dead’, which was released in May this year.

The experience promises ‘a multiplayer, multisensory rescue mission all from inside the film’s iconic taco truck’. It’s set several years before the events of the film.

The premise is this: zombies have taken over Las Vegas and you’ll join a crew of ‘citizen soldiers’ known as ‘Las Vengeance’ and embark on a rescue mission via a virtual reality headset. The whole thing lasts 30 minutes, which seems like a pretty swift rescue mission, but what do we know, eh?

Have fun ridding Las Vegas of zombies, you crazy kids! 

Tickets go on sale on August 4th, and start at £18. It opens this September in a secret location. Find out more here.

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