Two excellent food delivery services have launched in London

Six months ago, ordering food to your door three or four nights a week might have been seen as ‘lazy’, ‘greedy’ or ‘insane’. Not any more. Now, as you plough deeper and deeper into your overdraft ordering yet more tonkotsu broths from Bone Daddies, you’re actually helping London’s struggling restaurant scene survive. It’s win-win, baby!

Prepare thyselves, then, for two big-name additions to the delivery scene. First up is Ambassador General Store, a sort of ‘best of’ service from London Indian food luminaries Gymkhana, Trishna and Brigadiers. The boxes come with fairly hefty price tags but they’re designed for groups of people, so split the cost, yeah?

The second is called Big Night and is the brainchild of independent restaurateur Charlie Mellor (owner of much-loved Hackney joint The Laughing Heart). It represents ten independent London restaurants (with more being added soon) and quite apart from the excellent food on offer it deserves your patronage because it pays its drivers better than its competitors and only charges its restaurants a small commission. In terms of what they’ve got to eat, think Super Ya Ramen, think Mangal 2, think The Camberwell Arms, think Sager + Wilde. It’s good. It’s very good. And a lot of it’s exclusive.

Restaurants have never needed your patronage more. So if any of this sounds appealing, get involved.

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