This pub is offering a free Christmas dinner to lonely Londoners

How’s this for a story to warm your cockles? For the fifth year in a row, Wimbledon pub The Alexandra (The Alex, to locals) will be serving up a free meal to lonely Londoners who come through its doors on Christmas Day. The catch? There isn’t one. The south-west London boozer simply wants to bring together those who might be spending Christmas Day on their tod. 

What started with free pints on Christmas Day evolved into an offer of dinner with all the trimmings on the house, with the pub’s owners keen to make sure people in their community weren’t spending the big day in isolation. And now owners Mick and Sarah Dore have just announced on Twitter that they’ll be doing the same again this December 25. 

The Alexandra has seen people from all walks of life come together on Christmases past: along with the elderly, punters have included those who’ve missed a flight home for the holidays and locals going through a break-up during the festive period. Not only will those who visit the pub on Christmas Day get treated to a roast dinner, they’ll also be seated with like-minded people; the pub’s owners claim that past celebrations have helped formed future friendships for many of its attendees. We say: Christmas hats off to this most generous of pubs.   

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