This is the London neighbourhood people want to move to the most

As a whole, London’s a pretty desirable place to live. And we’re reminded of that pretty much every day: not only do nearly ten million people choose to live and work here, but 30 million or so flock here just to visit every year.

Within the city, however, Londoners are always eyeing up where they’d like to move, money no object. The grass is always greener, as they say – or at least that grass is next to gorgeous Georgian townhouses and/or surrounded by buzzy pubs and delightful independent businesses.

To find out where in the city people want to move to the most, we consulted the results of our very own Time Out Index. Used to calculate our annual Coolest Neighbourhoods ranking (congrats King’s Cross for being cooler than the rest in 2023), it also asks the question: where would you like to move in your city?  

Thousands of Londoners took our survey, and the most desirable place to move in the city was named as… Hampstead. Surprise, surprise. With its glorious Heath, picture-perfect high street and longstanding popularity with artists and celebs, Hampstead’s appeal is obvious. 

Next up was Chelsea, another of London’s wealthiest areas, followed by Islington. Plenty of famously-luxe London postcodes made the cut, from Notting Hill and Kensington to Highgate and Richmond.

Here’s the list of the London neighbourhoods people want to move to the most, according to our Time Out Index.

  1. Hampstead
  2. Chelsea
  3. Islington
  4. Richmond
  5. Hackney
  6. Notting Hill
  7. Greenwich
  8. Kensington
  9. Soho
  10. Highgate

Time Out London, neighbourhood by neighbourhood

London certainly isn’t a monolith: each area has its own features and charms. Time Out’s covered plenty of news around that recently, from the fact that only four London boroughs saw property prices rise in 2023 and two were named the best places to live in the country to one London area being the most densely-populated in the UK.

Did you see that Earls Court could soon be home to a massive new neighbourhood?

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