This is a strong contender for London’s most extra sandwich

If Homer Simpson had come from Rotherham or Newport rather than wherever Springfield is meant to be, you feel that he might have come up with this sandwich. The deranged product of new Camden pub The Farrier, the Roastie Toastie is exactly the kind of thing that originates in the boozer, including its name. As it suggests, it is a load of Sunday roast leftovers crammed into bread then toasted.

Fair enough, you say. Good to avoid food waste, nice to be able to pick up a taste of that sweet Sunday-lunch feeling on a weekday and a godsend to anyone who likes to get very wasted on the Sabbath and needs a serious hangover-buster come Monday.

But that’s not all, because the Sunday roast that kicks off this whole chain of causality is not your bog-standard substantial pub meal. For start, running The Farrier’s kitchen is Ash Finch, a three-Michelin-starred chef who has worked at some of London’s most prestigious restaurants. And the roast leftovers are not odd bits of grey meat in a bap. There is top-quality lamb or beef; there is a load of trimmings of veg etc; there is gravy and cauliflower-cheese sauce; the bread is housebaked focaccia; then there is your own private jug of MORE GRAVY to pour over the whole lot.

So, yes. All that for a measly eight quid sounds like a proper steal. There’s also a veggie version which additionally features a yorkshire pudding for just £7. In fact, the only problem we can see with the Roastie Toastie is that people might actually prefer it to the source material, which could mean less demand for Sunday roasts, which would initially result in more leftovers, but which would quickly lead to fewer Sunday roasts being prepared, which will lead to fewer leftovers, which might prompt the collapse of the whole system. Let’s hope not, eh?

Roastie Toastie, £8 (veggie version £7). Mondays, 1pm until leftovers run out. The Farrier, Stables Market, 87/88 North Yard, NW1 8AH. 

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