This interactive map will help you find restaurants and pubs with outdoor space near you

This week has taught us an important lesson. Nothing will stop Londoners in their quest for a pint in a beer garden. Really windy? Don’t care. Freezing cold? Sure, no problem.

On Monday April 12, outdoor hospitality venues were permitted to reopen under the government’s lockdown plan. The easing of restrictions has meant people all over the city have flocked to their local pubs, cafés and restaurants to eat something they haven’t cooked themselves and to drink actual pints served by other actual humans in actual pubs.

As a result, venues with outdoor space are in huge demand right now, which is where new website comes in. Launched by Londoner Henry Seabright and a couple of pals who work in the tech industry, the website features an interactive map to help you find your nearest pub or restaurant with outdoor seating.

Launched at the end of March, it now has 1,300 venues listed, although it isn’t limited to venues in London.

The map is split into two categories – restaurants, which show up as a burger icon, and pubs, which are indicated with a pint icon. 

Click the icon and you’ll find all the information you need, including whether you can book tables outside, if they have undercover seating, if there’s heating and if they accept walk-ins or not.

It also shows what kind of food offering the venues do, including bar snacks and food (thankfully those ‘substantial meal’ requirements are no more, but you might still want a substantial meal of your own free will).

If you run a business or you want to list your favourite pub, you can add a listing to the map. Or, just load it up, whack in your postcode and make a beeline for your nearest venue. And maybe take a jacket, yeah?

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