These are Time Out’s favourite club flyers and artwork of 2019

As rave veterans who grew up in bedrooms lined with printed party ephemera, we’re blessed to have had a tangible relationship with flyers, posters and other awesome bits of club-related artwork. But screw getting overly sentimental: club art and design is having a boom period at the moment! While almighty Facebook has (mostly) eradicated the need for promoters to manually hand out printed party info, club nights more than ever need a seriously distinctive, eye-catching visual identity to cut through online.

So here’s just a small salute to some of the most arresting, amusing, cute and flat-out lol club concepts we’ve seen in the last twelve months… 

Not a club per se, but rather the fantastically named Les Quizerables, run by drag legend Mr Teds.   

No soup served at Carpet Burn in Vauxhall – but punters do get a free burger with ketchup. 

…speaking of condiments, behold this range of flavours on offer at ace rave pub Lion and Lamb 

 Art deco meets techno on this delightful artwork for an outdoor party with Peggy Gou 

Had we reached ‘peak owl’ in 2019? Not according to the good folk at The South London Soul Train.

Have a fistbump and a smile – at this new band night at Rye Wax in Peckham.  

Mmm, guitar pedals… a sweet way to engender lust from indie-rock fans, via promoters Club.The.Mammoth.

Thanks No Bad Days crew – you honestly had us at that font. The retro phone: now you’re just spoiling us.  

What came first: the smoking chicken or the celestial egg? Only people who attended Endless Plenty’s party at Grow Tottenham will ever know. 

Whoa. Wonkasaurus. Epic work from the team behind the this India Jordan release party at Rye Wax in May. 

Permission to simply like something and not really understand what’s going on? Yeah, permission granted? Great, cheers Plus Ones! 

Total peach from the Jazz Cafe, in aid of a residency from Habibi Funk.  

Shudder! Thanks Bodycroc

We loved Fabric’s #peopleofEC1 campaign this year, and the shots that sprang out of it.  

You know this is great, I know this is great. Let’s just take a moment and hold hands and enjoy how great this is. Kudos once again to Dalston Superstore, for their first ever bi night. 

Yet more visual class from the Jazz Cafe here, featuring Natasha Diggs and Nick The Record. 

Dollar Baby’s iconic disco hoover, presumably clearing up after a punter had gone wild with a money gun.  

 …and finally, a mouth-watering, lip-smacking finalé from Rhythm Section

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