There’s going to be an outdoor sculpture trail in Mayfair

Have you ever looked at Mayfair and thought ‘you know what this needs? A giant, building-size handbag’? Well, prepare for all of your dreams to come true at once because London’s fanciest area is getting its own sculpture trail, and one of the main pieces is exactly that: a huge, far-too-big-to-be-practical-let’s-be-honest handbag outside Fenwick department store. 

Mayfair Sculpture Trail opens on October 1 and will feature a whole bunch of works on the streets and in the arcades of Mayfair for the entire month. Alongside Kalliopi Lemos’s handbag, there’ll also be Patrick O’Reilly’s sculpture of a bear with a fire bucket called ‘Bear With Fire Bucket’ on Cork Street, a big human head by Seo Young-Deok in in Grosvenor Square and a massive rock by Laurent Grasso in Burlington Arcade.

Find Mayfair Sculpture Trail in the neighbourhood from Thursday October 1. Read more here

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