The UK’s National Parks want you to stay away, please

Following this week’s lockdown of normal life for most Britons, you’d think that heading out for a day at one of the UK’s National Parks wouldn’t be top of most people’s to-do lists. And yet there are concerns that daytrippers might break the strict stay-at-home order to head to rural beauty spots this weekend.

Snowdonia reported its busiest ever visitor day last Saturday, with thousands of people totally failing to follow social-distancing instructions from the powers that be. Eager to avoid the same situation this weekend, National Parks UK has asked anyone who might be thinking about a trip to reconsider.

‘The government has been very clear that only essential travel is permitted,’ a spokesperson told Time Out London. ‘Travel for the purposes of recreation or exercise is not essential travel. This is clear advice – there is no room for misunderstanding – and to disregard it when lives are at risk is irresponsible.’ In other words, piling into a Zipcar and heading for the South Downs is very much not allowed.

Not only that, but you could get busted: ‘There are already examples of the police stopping and fining people travelling to and through National Parks without good reason,’ the spokesperson added. ‘When this is over we’ll welcome visitors back with open arms, but for now: stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.’

Hear that, London? It’s still okay to go for a walk this weekend, but stay local. After all, you live in the world’s first National Park City.

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