The Tower of London: Visitor Attraction

The Tower of London is one of the iconic tourist attractions in London. It is known throughout the world for its famous past residents and questionable executions. If you’re a history lover then there’s nowhere better than here to get a real sense of the past. But, rather than getting a traditional museum experience you’re able to interact with the exhibitions, keeping the whole family entertained.
the tower of london visitor attraction

The most famous attraction at the Tower of London is the Crown Jewels Display. People travel from all over to see these rich treasures, many of which are still in use today. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the queues– and there are always queues – generally VERY long ones. If you get in as soon as the doors open you might be lucky enough to have a relatively undisturbed viewing. Once you’ve seen the infamous collection, venture over to The Line of Kings display which has recently re-opened to the public. It showcases arms and Royal armour displayed upon life-sized wooden horses. The overall exhibition is quite spectacular and what’s even better is that it’s included in your general admission price.

Almost since it was first built, the Tower of London has housed some famous prisoners. Like most of the exhibits at the Tower, finding out about them is interactive. Visitors are encouraged to take on the role of news reporters and uncover the real stories behind what really happened to Guy Fawkes. There are opportunities to mess around with videos and find out more about some of the infamous people incarcerated there.

the tower of london visitor attraction

For those of you who like to see history being played out in front of you, a must-see exhibition is ‘Coins and Kings’? This is the Royal Mint re-enactment display. As you walk along Mint Street, members of the medieval community display coin-making skills as well as the working conditions of that era. If wildlife is more your ‘thing’, visit the Royal Beasts exhibition and discover which exotic animals were residents of the tower.

There really is so much to discover at the Tower of London. There’s something to suit every taste from young to old alike. If you don’t want to miss out on learning the Tower’s secrets, go on one of the Yeoman Warder tours. A ‘Beefeater’ will regale you with tales of what went on behind closed doors. They take place regularly throughout the day and only last 60 minutes but they can be a real eye-opener.

Important information:

As the Tower of London is a historic building there are certain areas with limited access for those with mobility needs. The Crown Jewels and Jewel House are fully accessible to all visitors.

How to get here:

By Tube: The nearest tube station is Tower Hill – coming in on the District or Circle line

B Train: The nearest stations are – Fenchurch Street or London Bridge stations

By Car: There is no parking at the Tower of London. The nearest car park is located at Lower Thames Street. (Postcode SE1 2AA) Please note: The Tower is located in the congestion charging zone.

Insider tips:

If you want to see the crown jewels and don’t fancy standing in a queue for half the morning head straight to the exhibit as soon as the Tower of London gates open. That way you can see the display and then go straight round to the gate to join on with one of the Yeoman Warder tours before it starts to get too busy.

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