The “Maybe Tomorrow” Generation

From taking a vacation to calling their parents, new poll reveals US millennials are putting things off more than any other generation

London and Paris launch new campaign to end US vacation procrastination

Despite living in world of #YOLO and #FOMO, US millennials are putting off more activities than any other generation according to new research*.

From checking something off their bucket list to getting up in the morning, American 18-34yr olds are hitting the “snooze” button on their life more than their Generation X and baby boomer counterparts.

Although there are actions that all Americans put off doing, such as getting healthier** (69% of millennials and 67% of 35yrs+) and ending a relationship (32% of millennials and 27% of 35yrs+) the research reveals greater disparities between the generations for most activities.

It seems #MondayMotivation may not be working, as the biggest difference between the generations was around getting up when the alarm goes off in the morning, with over two thirds of millennials (67%) preferring to hide under the duvet, compared to only half of 35 yrs+ (51%).

Calling parents was also less of a priority for US millennials, with almost half (42%) saying it was something they put off doing, while only 29% of 35yrs+ delayed checking in with mom and dad.

Perhaps most significantly for the so-called #FOMO generation is that more millennials are putting off taking a vacation from work (43%) and doing something on their bucket list (55%) than any other generation (36% putting off taking a vacation from work and 49% doing something on their bucket list respectively for 35yrs+).

The statistics come as European cities London and Paris unite for the first time in tourism history in a bid to end US millennial vacation procrastination.

With less than 1 in 10 millennial Americans (8%) having visited both London and Paris, and over 7 out of 10 (72%) expressing a desire to visit both destinations as part of one vacation, the two famous cities have teamed up to encourage people to make the journey today, not tomorrow.

Visit London, Paris Tourist Office and Eurostar have partnered up to promote the campaign which urges US travellers to make #oneepictrip now to discover over 177 Michelin restaurants, 325 museums and galleries, 371 theatres and over 490 nightclubs across the two European capitals which are separated by a short rail journey of just over 2 hours.

Starting on 30 October, the campaign will focus on the ‘power of now’ as both cities provide a lifetime of experiences for all ages across all interests from culture to adventure, history to hidden gems.

Laura Citron, Chief Executive of Visit London said:

“Vacation procrastination seems to be a very real problem, with more people than ever putting off taking a break to check experiences off their bucket lists. We want to change that.

“We know that once people experience London and Paris, they fall in love and want to visit again and again to discover more.  Just over 2 hours apart, whether it’s enjoying an Instagrammable afternoon tea at Sketch in central London or hovering over Paris in Ballon Generali; riding down the Champs Elysees in a sidecar with Retro Tour Paris, or zipping up the Thames in a speedboat rib, visitors can flit easily between the two European capitals and uncover all they have to offer.

“These are destinations that have inspired some of the most prolific minds in the world, from Shakespeare to Monet and that passion and vitality can be felt by all that make the journey.”

Pierre Schapira, Chairman of Paris Tourist Office said:

“Let’s keep things simple: 2 incredible cities, 2 different cultures, a little more than 2 hours apart by Eurostar. If you’re someone who wants to get the most out of life, why pass up the opportunity to experience London and Paris in one go? With so many experiences on offer, you’ll need a whole lifetime. So, don’t wait! Start checking off those bucket list must-dos now.”

The London and Paris #LondonParisNow campaign will start on 30 October 2018. For more information, visit