The cheeseburger cheesecake is a real thing and you can eat it

You might remember Pleesecakes, the plucky desert company founded by ‘Dragon’s Den’ contender Joe Moruzzi, from the end of last year when their ‘pigs in blankets cheesecake‘ made headlines (I mean, they also built a cake out of Weetabix and baked beans but no one seemed concerned about that one).

If unorthodox cheesecake design makes your blood boil then you’ll want to look away now. Pleesecakes’ ‘most controversial cake to date’ (their words) is here. Introducing: the Pleeseburger. Part-cheeseburger, part-cheesecake, all affront to God.

Allegedly ‘similar to a quiche in texture, but a burger in taste’, the Pleeseburger’s base in made with crushed oatcakes, crisps and fried onions. Then we have the main event. The cake’s filling is cream cheese with minced beef, bacon, pickles, Red Leicester, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic, paprika, chilli and mixed herbs. And yes, the garnish (if you can call it that) is eight mini burgers. Like a meat crown.

The Pleeseburger is designed to feed 10 to 12 people. Which sounds optimistic to me. Who among us knows 10 to 12 people, let alone 10 to 12 people all prepared to eat a Pleeseburger? Anyway, you have until the end of June to order.

The Pleeseburger (£42) is available until June 30 and can be ordered here.

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