The Bush Theatre is giving away a toy rabbit the size of an elephant

The very first sight that greeted me at the very first press night I attended after the theatres reopened in May was a truly glorious one: The Bunny, a colossal bunny rabbit that I would estimate to be about the same size as the average bathroom, or possibly a small lorry, that essentially formed the entire set to ‘Harm’, the triumphant reopening play at the Bush Theatre.

But what would happen to this colossal leporid after the show ends next week? Would set designer Rosanna Vize’s monolithic fluffy construct simply be stuffed into a very big vault somewhere? It’s too big to simply put into storage, and yet far too cute to throw away.

Anyway, it turns out the Bush are having the same conundrum, and are offering to give the rabbit away to any child-orientated institution that can realistically house it, be it a hospital, school or whatever.

It’s not something you should agree to lightly: this thing really is colossal. But if you can offer The Bunny a new home, the theatre and rabbit gods will surely smile on you, you’ll have an Insta backdrop for life, and you will make literally anyone who sees it who isn’t terrified of a rabbit the size of an elephant utterly delighted. Address all serious offers to the Bush – I’m just here to stan, and maybe come round for a few selfies after.

‘Harm’ is at the Bush Theatre until June 26

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