Rejoice! The Museum of Brexit won’t be based in London

Finally, some rare good news in the saga that is Brexit – the incredibly depressing sounding museum that will preserve that bleak part of British history won’t be located in London. 

The Museum of Brexit gained charitable status in April and is currently looking for a home to house its artefacts and exhibitions relating to our split from the EU. According to Order-Order, though, that base won’t be in the capital. 

Reportedly, a long list of over 30 potential sites has now been narrowed down to three, all outside of our city. We don’t know where that trio of locations are at present, but where the museum ends up will come down to final approval from its financial backers. 

On the museum’s official site, the FAQ page notes that ‘Brexit was not a London phenomenon’. ‘We have identified 14 criteria to help with the location,’ it reads. ‘The key ones, in short, are that it needs to be in an urban setting, in a part of the country where it will get local support, with decent transport connectivity.’ 

When the venue does open its doors, which is expected to be a year after a space is leased, it will feature exhibitions, documents and archival data, presented in a ‘balanced’ way. The ‘highlights’ of what curators have collected already include political cartoons from the campaign and original copies of Nigel Farage’s handwritten speech notes. 

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