Pink Floyd might recreate their flying pig over Battersea Power Station

In 1977, Pink Floyd created the iconic album artwork for ‘Animals’, by flying a massive inflatable pig over Battersea Power Station.

The original photo took three days to get. During the 1976 photoshoot, the unruly pig, who went by the name Algie, broke free from his moorings above Battersea Power Station and soared all the way to a farm in Kent, becoming something of a legend. 

But is Algie set to make a grand return? On Friday September 23 Pink Floyd teased fans with a cryptic message on their social media accounts. The band posted a picture of Battersea Power Station on Twitter and Facebook with the message:

‘To mark the release of Pink Floyd’s “Animals (2018 Remix)”, London’s Battersea Power Station will be an eminently suitable canvas next Wednesday and Thursday, between 8.30pm – 11pm, with a sneak preview on Tuesday night at the same time, as a test run…’

While we’re not sure what exactly this means, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for giant flying pigs on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (September 28 and 29). 

The 40ft porker last flew in 2016, when they launched Algie above the V&A to promote the Pink Floyd exhibition at the museum. 

Battersea Power Station will finally reopen its doors on October 14, after undergoing a huge £9 billion regeneration. The art deco building will be in use for the first time since it closed in 1983. And Pink Floyd – in a roundabout way – probably helped to save its bacon.

Battersea Power Station’s booze and ice-rink licence has been approved.

David Bowie is getting a stone on Camden’s Music Walk of Fame.

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