Patty & Bun is launching a new range of budget burgers

Patty & Bun is launching Smash: a new range of burgers that’s all about value for money.

The burgers get their name from how the mince is ‘smashed’ on the grill to make the patties, and they’ll be available at Patty & Bun’s Kingly Street branch from October 19.

These smashed patties will be a bit smaller than P&B’s usual burgers but they also come at a much cheaper price, ranging from £5.50 to £6.50 – and there’s also the option to make yours a double with a second patty. For diners who’d rather skip the red meat, there are also chicken and vegan options available. 

The new burgers on offer include the Randy Watson, which features American cheese, sticky onions, smoked cheddar mayo, ketchup and mustard, and the very subtly named Ronald which is stuffed with American cheese, grilled onions, gherkin, ketchup, mustard and mayo – no extra marks for guessing the inspiration for this one. 

If you don’t feel like venturing out for a Smash burger, Patty & Bun is still delivering its DIY kits, which let you cook its burgers at home. 

Check out Patty & Bun’s Instagram for more info.

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