North London’s biggest ever beer garden* is now OPEN

There are some big claims getting made over in north London today. The kind that, if true, could be so game-changing that you can’t ignore them.

They’re coming from the team behind The Garden at Kentish Town, a new hangout that’s just landed. It’s from the creators of Vauxhall Food & Beer Garden and it’s self-identifying as the biggest outdoor drinking space in all of north London. That’s proper fighting talk if we’ve ever heard it. Faltering Fullback, you better watch out!

Photograph: The Garden at Kentish Town
Photograph: The Garden at Kentish Town

The team say that the beer garden won’t be an average bev spot. No! This gigantic terrace will also host comedy nights, sports screenings (hello Euros), drag bingo, ping pong tournaments, a whole array of different bottomless brunches, funfair games, karaoke street food, and something they’re describing as ‘gladiator duels’, which we’re hoping come closer to the ’90s TV show than watching two Romans hack each other to death. Not vibey!

And those claims about the size of the joint? Currently unconfirmed. But the space is 12,000 square feet and does have a capacity of 950 people, so it does sound pretty big if we’re honest. It’s not the only massive outdoor drinking space to open this year. We’ve already reported on a massive one coming to the Southbank and Hackney one from the team behind Peckham Levels. 

The Garden at Kentish Town opens June 24, 24–27 Regis Road, NW5 3EZ 

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