London Welcomes 100th International Tech Company

London & Partners has announced that it has achieved its 100th Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the capital so far this year, highlighting the city’s continued position as a resilient and highly desirable destination for global investors.  

The 100 international tech companies secured by London & Partners since January 2023 have resulted in the creation of over 4,380 jobs, marking a 40% year-on-year growth. Alongside this, an additional 278 separate companies have set up in the capital this year, further reaffirming London’s position as the leading European and the third top global destination for FDI behind Dubai and Singapore.1 

Among the 100 FDI projects won by London & Partners, India leads with a 29% share of inward investment into the capital, followed by Europe (24%), and North America (23%). One sector that has witnessed significant growth is Climate Tech, which now makes up 23% of FDI into the capital – a two-fold increase from last year – and has led to the creation of nearly 1,000 jobs, a three-fold increase. 

Significant climate tech investments landed by London & Partners over the past 11 months include the world’s largest electric vehicle maker, BYD, which selected London as its UK headquarters and very recently delivered its 1000th electric bus to the city – making it one of Europe’s largest electric bus fleets. Elsewhere, London welcomed award-winning Cloverly in Atlanta, renowned for its climate action tech, as well as Allume Energy from Australia, specialists in providing shared solar solutions to flats.  

Laura Citron, CEO of London & Partners, said, London & Partners teams around the world are the city’s talent scouts, identifying the most exciting international businesses in key growth sectors, who will ultimately drive and deliver future growth for London. From assessing the commercial opportunity to hiring their first team to accessing clients and investors, London & Partners’ expert teams help shortcut months by putting international companies directly in touch with the right people in London.” 

London’s recent recognition as the leading global ‘smart centre’2 for its effective use of data in prioritising climate tech further positions the city as a key contributor on the world stage, especially at international climate conferences, including the recent COP28. 

Also commenting on the 100th FDI win, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I’m delighted that London & Partners has reached this significant milestone of 100 international tech companies investing in our capital, boosting the economy and supporting local jobs. I’m committed to being London’s most pro-business Mayor ever and it’s fantastic to see the significant investment from climate technology, showcasing London’s commitment to decarbonisation and improving air quality as we continue working towards building a fairer, more prosperous London for everyone.” 

London celebrated other significant climate tech investments, including, the Thai company behind the blockchain-enabled carbon wallet, as well as Roadmetrics, an AI software mobility company from India.