London Travel Destination Guide

 London  in the United Kingdom is a city that never gets tired. Like the best cities in the world,  London  is an expensive city to live in or travel. Nevertheless, do not lose hope since you can still travel to  London  affordably, although it is not the rock bottom price you must go after, but the value you get for your money.

Sightseeing Big Ben or visiting the Queen Mother in  London  need not be as expensive as you anticipated. If you are planning to check out the colorful guards of Buckingham Palace, it could be as affordable as it could get if you do wise and careful planning.

 London  Accommodations

In  London , you can save in accommodations because of the vast array of places to stay. Many are far more superior compared to others but they will come at a higher cost. Typical hotels in  London  are very expensive, although they are not even the five star ones. Any ordinary hotel in a nearby tourist attraction will cost over $200 USD per stay. The only bonus you can get in staying in these expensive hotels is the easy access to whenever you want to go. The cheaper ones are farther away from  London  and might need you to ride in a bus, double Decker or taxi to your destination. Staying in these far away hotels means bigger savings on your part and most will include continental breakfast and meals.

Hostels Instead of Hotels

If you are looking for hostels then the names Globetrotters, St. Christopher’s Inn and YHA are the places for you. They are all located right in the heart of  London  too and they cost only a fraction of the price of really high-class accommodations. Try to avoid going through any agency and try to book directly in the hotel. You can use the internet to search for the websites of the hotels, hostels and inns that you are interested in.

If you are young and hip, you can avail of the advantages of a hostel. It may lack direct privacy but it is way cheaper than your average hotels. Always book in advance and not days prior to your stay, and always remember that while you are in  London , expect to stay and spend a lot of time inside your room because of the weather. This is not a trip to a tropical country where hotels have pools and spas. What matters most is that you have yourself a clean room, a good bath, and a very comfortable bed. However, please try not to imprison yourself in your room when having dinners or meals. Try to step outside and look for better and interesting places for you to dine in. You will find out that  London  has a lot to offer when it comes to fine dining, cafes and bakeries.