London picks the Hollywood star it wants to be locked down with (and, no, it’s not Tom Hanks)

Forget figuring out your fantasy dinner party guests or playing Shag, Marry, Kill: our thoughts have now turned to which Hollywood A-lister we’d most like to be sharing lockdown with. At least, according to a new poll by Showcase Cinemas, a few London film fans have been mulling this over. Coming out on top of the domestic bliss charts? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, obviously.

Why obviously? Well, for many reasons. His Rockness would smash that jigsaw you’ve been toiling over for three weeks, ramp up your social-media game and entertain you with stories of pro wrestling and working with Samuel L Jackson. You’d probably FaceTime the Stath. If you asked really nicely, he’d explain the plot of ‘Southland Tales’ to you. It would, in very many ways, be as awesome as the man himself.

On the downside, candyass behaviour, like finishing all the milk or leaving the house unnecessarily, would not be tolerated. You’d be a Twitter hashtag faster than you can say, ‘Mate, there’s some long-life in the cupboard’. You’d be expected to put your boot to the ass of Every. Single. Day – regardless of how much you just want to curl up and watch ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix. Oh, and wake-up is 5am, rain or shine. Those weights aren’t lifting themselves.

The Showcase poll has Chris Hemsworth in second place as London’s fantasy flatmate, with Will Smith in third, and Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence sharing the fourth spot. Somehow, Johnny Depp sneaks into sixth spot, presumably because he’d bring his own wine cellar. Still, he gets the box room.

We’d throw a few other names into the mix: Stanley ‘Cocktail Hour’ Tucci, George ‘Nespresso’ Clooney, Stephen ‘QI’ Fry and Meryl ‘Impressive to produce during a work Zoom call’ Streep. Tom Hanks, of course, but after the whole Australia thing, who’d deprive him some time in his own home? Not us.

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