London Dog Week has officially been postponed due to coronavirus

Sad dog is sad. London Dog Week was originally scheduled for next week but has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. The eight-day celebration dedicated to the canines of our city is meant to bring together pooched-related gatherings, activities for dog owners, or just for anyone who goes potty over pups. The aim of it all is to make the capital one of the most dog-friendly places in the world. 

In light of this, from Monday March 23 to Sunday March 29, LDW is launching #Pawsitivity – an uplifting online interactive event series on its social channels. There’ll be advice on how to live your best dog life at home with social distancing, championing of dog brands, inspirational stories and tips on how to keep your furry pal stimulated at home while self-isolating. There will also be Q&A sessions with canine experts and vets on how to protect your pooch during the Covid-19 crisis, while dog owners are encouraged to share pictures of themselves and their four-legged friends in self-isolation together. There is no evidence that pets are able to pass the virus on to humans, but it is possible to transmit coronavirus to your dog. To avoid this, the advice is to practise good hygiene, wash your hands frequently, self-isolate and avoid kissing your dog. You’ll just have to show affection with extra treats. 

Tickets for individual LDW events can be refunded or are still valid for the new later date.

Basically, expect plenty of dog memes and funny pet videos. Share the puppy love.

In need of some calming pooch pictures to cleanse your feed? We got you.

Don’t worry, you can still take your furry pals for walkies at the best places to exercise with your dog.

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