London Bridge Experience – A Scary Day Out in London

London Bridge is well known throughout the world – it even has its own nursery rhyme which recollects when it burnt down during the Great Fire. Since it was first built in 53 A.D. it has played a pivotal role in many of the key events that have shaped Britain’s history. The story of its construction, along with the gruesome goings on is covered at the London Bridge Experience which would rival the Dungeon’s or Madame Tussauds.

Visitors are taken on a fully interactive journey through the bridge’s past where they will discover London back in Roman times, what happened when the Vikings arrived, its dark past in Victorian England through to present day. The tour features key events such as witnessing the fate of William Wallace and Thomas Becket in his chapel. Visitors need to have their wits about them as they navigate their way through the tour as events are brought to life by actors in full historical costumes who offer up a few surprises along the way. The London Dungeon experience recreates entire streets for visitors to experience medieval life, from being led through a disused railway tunnel to finding themselves on Queen Boudicca’s battle field with all the smells and sounds. There are different versions of the bridge made from wood and stone to be traversed and at the end of the experience Hell’s Portal awaits!

Visitors who are brave enough will move from the London Bridge Experience to the Tombs where they will be immersed in the plague pits. Moving through the exhibition in small groups their resolve will be tested through a variety of scary encounters with the likes of snakes, spiders and ghouls…. This is a truly terrifying experience and it must be stressed that younger guests might find it a bit too much. There’s the option of booking on to the ‘Guardian Angel’ tour which is specifically designed for under 11s. Here one of the attraction guides will protect smaller people from any nasties that they might encounter. For older guests there are ‘escape’ guides throughout the tour just in case things get a bit too much.

Also on offer at London Bridge Experience is the museum where pieces about London and the bridge, all gathered together by a single collector, are on display. It’s a fun and informative exhibition that is suitable for all age groups. The gift shop offers visitors an array of souvenirs to take home including hats, mugs and even photographs taken while guests were bravely venturing through the experience.

Insider Info:

Make sure children are comfortable with very scary situations. The London Bridge Experience can be quite intense and while the attraction does cater for younger visitors it can really ruin their day if they are petrified. Staff are quick to respond and offer an ‘escape route’ but the tombs are really not advisable for very young children. Most parts of the experience are suitable for visitors with impairments, but ask if you’re not sure.

Getting Here:

London Bridge Experience is only 50 metres from London Bridge Station for easy access by London public transport.