LA’s Eggslut is opening a second London restaurant

Last year, Eggslut opened its first restaurant in London on Notting Hill’s Portobello Road, where it’s been churning out eggs stuffed into brioche buns ever since. The Los Angeles-born breakfast chain with a questionable name has now confirmed that it will be opening a second site in the capital. 

The new location is a short walk from Tottenham Court Road, a prime spot for serving up sloppy sandwiches to oozy egg floozies, tourists and hungover punters from Soho on the hunt for a greasy treat. 

Foodwise, it’ll offer the same as its sister joint, including Eggslut’s speciality: The Slut – a coddled egg on top of puréed potato. You’ll also find the Fairfax (scrambled egg with chives, cheese and caramelised onions) and the classic bacon, egg and cheese brioche – the Insta-version of a British breakfast buttie.

Eggslut brioche with fried egg and bacon

Photograph: Picasa

Speaking of social media, you can probably expect to see punters snapping egg-cellent pics. The chefs are setting up plates with this in mind: ‘The egg itself was brilliant: orange, runny, and like it had been specially laid for the ’gram.’ That’s what we said when reviewing the original London site. Though, our reviewer was less sold on the ‘unpleasantly greasy’ cheeseburger. Let’s see what the new site has to offer egg fans this spring. 

Eggslut will be opening its second site at 19 Percy St in spring 2020. 

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