In pictures: bluebells have taken over Highgate Wood

What have you got planned for this weekend? Drinks with your mates? A trip to a newly opened museum? Sleeping in until 5pm and then feeling horrible guilt about wasting your Saturday? Well, cancel it all. The bluebells are out at Highgate Wood. Seek them out.

The flowers only bloom for a few weeks every year, usually towards the end of April. When they do decide to pop up though, they do it at max strength. The floor of the north London woodland becomes covered with a blanket of the pretty pastel flowers, transforming into a fairytale forest. Forget wisteria hysteria, forget cherry blossom season: this is the floral Instagram moment of the year (and every year).

How long have you got to get down there before they disappear? Only Mother Nature knows for sure. Although, since people started posting Instagram pictures of them last weekend, we’d predict you’ve got a few weeks. And don’t worry if you live nowhere near Highgate. Oxleas Wood, Wanstead Flats and the Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park are all home to plenty of the pretty blue flowers too. In fact, here’s a map of 13 places in London where you can see bluebells.

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