Hollywood tweets pay tribute to Sean Connery, after his death

He was James Bond. He was Captain Ramius. He helped bring down Capone, was the man who would be king and the tough bastard sergeant who endured ‘The Hill’. Today, Sean Connery passed away, but thanks to a wealth of indelible roles and glorious performances, he has already sailed into film history.

From an Edinburgh milk round to Hollywood, via the Royal Navy, bodybuilding, the London stage – not to mention Dr No’s lair – he had a career less ordinary. He finally scored an Oscar with his Irish beat cop in ‘The Untouchables’, got one of cinema’s most unforgettable mullet trims in ‘The Rock’, and left us hoping against hope that ‘Sir Billi’ wouldn’t be his last film role.

His judgment on screen was never less than impeccable: his line readings inspired a billion terrible impressions and he could elevate the more finely crafted material and the worst kind of tosh equally with his craft and charisma.

He’ll be missed by film lovers. He’s already being missed by his collaborators, co-stars and other movie luminaries who knew him and worked with him. From his old mate Michael Caine to Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, here are the tributes they’ve shared on Twitter:

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