Hawksmoor is looking to launch a UK-wide delivery service

Steak at home is fine. But oh, to be at Hawksmoor. The popular steakhouse group – with six London restaurants, as well as outposts in Manchester and Edinburgh (plus one in New York that launched earlier this year and then swiftly had to close as lockdown hit) – recently topped a poll by Hot Dinners that revealed where Londoners most want to dine out as soon as restaurants reopen. And while nothing beats being poured a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape while you devour a steak the size of your face, we’ll more than happily pour one out for ourselves once the new Hawksmoor at Home delivery service arrives. 

According to a business update from Hawksmoor’s owners, the company is eyeing up a delivery service ‘so people can enjoy what we do in their own homes irrespective of where they live in the UK or how soon they want to come back to restaurants.’ However, fans of the meaty restaurant may have to wait. The restaurant has chosen to focus on small numbers first while it gets Hawksmoor at Home right.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far, and the restaurant is yet to share details on how and when we can get our hands on an at-home version of dinner at Hawksmoor. But the thought alone has us salivating. 

In its update, Hawksmoor’s owners also said how keen they are to get back to the business of serving customers IRL: ‘Restaurants are about people… being with people you care about, laughing, talking, learning and enjoying each other’s company. We can’t wait to get back.’

It revealed that its plan for reopening involved launching just one of its restaurants when the time came to do so, using the reopened venue as a testing ground to trial new processes in the age of social distancing. Although the exact site is yet to be confirmed and a date is yet to be set, we do know that said restaurant will be right here in London.  

Again, we’re happy to pour the wine ourselves if it means enjoying sirloin à la social distancing back on Hawksmoor territory. 

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