Groups of six people can meet up outdoors from Monday

We’ve had a bit of a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ on our hands since May 13, when rules around lockdown loosened enough to allow people to see one other person at a time, so long as it was outdoors and at a two-metre distance. How do you choose who to see first without causing offence? And how do you have a cuppa with mum outside without the shadow of dad looking forlorn at the window cast over you both? 

Well, in tonight’s (Thursday May 28) daily briefing from Number 10, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that from Monday, people in England will be able to see up to six people at a time – just so long as it’s outdoors and that people from different households keep at a two-metre distance apart.

The measure will be introduced on Monday June 1 and socially distanced meetings can take place in private gardens as well as in public outdoor spaces. He clarified that people should not meet in their homes, but could enter houses if it was in order to access private gardens. 

‘These changes mean that friends and family can start to meet their loved ones,’ said Johnson. Although, he added that people must avoid seeing others from ‘too many households in quick succession.’

He even suggested that people could participate in socially distanced barbecues in their groups of six, so long as there was regular handwashing involved. And he said people can travel by car to visit their loved ones, too.  

Vulnerable people are urged to continue to ‘shield’ during this period of unlocking.

Monday June 1 also sees the reopening of outdoor markets and car showrooms, plus the return to schools for Reception, Year One and Year Six classes. 

The government has loosened the lockdown rules following the launch of the NHS test and trace system this morning. 

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