Great food and drink you can order to the park

This isn’t a drill. By the end of this month you will once again be able to meet up to six people in the park for a picnic in London. Blankets. Grass. Conversation. Scotch eggs. Clouds. Sudden rainstorms. Geese. Freak lightning. Panic and fire. All those wonderful things you associate with a classic British picnic.

Now, there are a lot of places that do great hampers. Hampers you have to order to your home. Boring! 2021 is the year we act like debauched emperors. 2021 is the year we have all of our food and drink sent to the park. Here are our top picks for green-space groceries. 

Park picnic food delivery SUPPER
Photo: SUPPER London


Indisputably the poshest of all the delivery platforms, SUPPER London is getting park-ready for spring. This is big. From March 29 you’ll be able to use the app to get restaurant meals delivered directly to various ‘pick up areas’ across London’s green spaces. The main takeaway here is that, yes, you will be able to order a Fortnum & Mason hamper directly to your blanket. Depraved? Certainly. Tempting? Indubitably. Other top restos taking part include Nobu, Coya, Roka, Hakkasan and loads more. Including the Harrod’s Food Hall.

Choose from a load of highfalutin’ restaurants on the Supper App.

Park picnic food delivery OMBRA
Photo: OMBRA

Ombra’s Italian feast

Hackney mainstay Ombra is a restaurant with a truly fabulous vibe. We actually chatted to head chef Mitshel Ibrahim not too long ago, about surviving and thriving under lockdown. Happy days: they’re bringing back their picnic delivery menu from April 12. The hamper costs £30 and you can expect Ombra’s signature house focaccia, mortadella, olives, burrata, ’nduja sausage rolls, pasta salad, beers and Amaretti biscuits. Definitely more fun than your usual plastic bag full of loose crisps and looser ham.

Check the Ombra website for details closer to April 12, including the list of local parks they’ll be delivering to.

Park picnic food delivery Pique
Photo: Pique

Pique’s handmade picnics

Very fancy hampers. Very fancy. Hand-picked, handmade, includes cutlery, plates and napkins and all that sweet jazz. The Ultimate Brunch (£50) features blueberry pancakes, ham-and-cheese croissants, frittatas, mini bagels, smoothies and more. The Freedom Picnic (also £50) serves up coronation chicken, caramelised apple sausage rolls, brie, a baked baguette and orzo pasta with fresh pesto. Oh yeah, and you can add booze to your order. Pique can either deliver to a park at a requested time (which, understandably, costs more) or you can be added to their driver’s delivery route. The latter option requires you to wait around at a pre-agreed location, like a spy. 

Park picnic food delivery Top Cuvée
Photo: Top Cuvée

Natural wine from Top Cuvée 

Remember in ‘Terminator’ when Kyle Rees grabs Linda and yells: ‘It can’t be reasoned with… it can’t be bargained with… It doesn’t feel pity, remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop. Ever!’ You could say the same thing about everyone’s favourite north London natural wine bois. Top Cuvée will not stop. Ever! They have ploughed away throughout lockdown, defining themselves as survivors. From April 1 they’re bringing back their famous Park Drops from last year. Pros: they’ll bring your booze (and other bits) to whatever patch of grass you call home. Cons: currently it’s only to Clissold Park and Highbury Fields (although more locations will be announced soon).

Check the Top Cuvée site from April 1 for more information.

Park picnic food delivery Gelupo
Photo: Steven Joyce

Gelato from Gelupo

Started by chef Jacob Kenedy back in 2010, gelato parlour Gelupo is famous for quality, fresh ingredients and next-level produce. Seriously: wouldya look at that. Beautiful. There’s also a colomba flavour, which is apparently similar to a panettone, and a ricotta sour cherry number too. Priced at £11 for a half-litre, Gelupo’s luscious gelato will soon be available for park delivery via Deliveroo

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