Four London-made tinnies to get your hands on before March 8

Drunk so many M&S tins over the years that you’re basically Percy Pig now? Never want to look a Tyskie in the eye again? Good news. We’ve sourced some extra special tins to stock up on ready for picnic season AKA March 8 (when sitting in the park with a mate is allowed) until April 12 (when pub gardens open). Our choices? 

1. Hackney distillery 58 Gin is in on the hard sparkling water act, using its spirit to make raspberry and pink-grapefruit seltzers.

2. Prefer your tinned gin in a cocktail? Hippy Fizz from Porter’s Gin is like Um Bongo for adults. It’s technically made in Aberdeen but London bartenders are the brains behind it. 

3. East London Liquor Company is also crafting cans: faves include vodka and rhubarb.

4. But if tinnies mean beer, there’s a West Coast IPA renaissance. Pick up a can of London Beer Factory’s Big Sur – like being hit by a massive fruity wave.

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