Experience These Unusual Things in London

When we think about a journey to London, few spots comes to our mind. Themes River, Buckingham Palace, British Parliament, Wembley soccer stadium, Tower Bridge, London Eye, and Big Ben would come to our mind prominently. All these spots are highly attractive, and people come in millions every year to visit. But, does the city with more than 2,000 years of history only offers these?

One of the largest city in Europe and one of the world’s mega-metropolises should offer more. See some of the unique things to do in London as the journey to the capital of the old British Empire is unique than we expect.

1. Richmond Park – Experience the Nature

The Park at the West-central London is a lovely place with its natural beauty. Originally developed as a deer park by Charles I in the 17th century, it currently has more than 630 fallow deer, woodpeckers, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, and more. We should keep in mind that the park offers a mixture of adventurous activities, natural beauty, wildlife, etc.

The park has more than 30 ponds, and that increase the beauty of the park further. Covering the 856 hectares park by biking could be an amazing experience especially if we are with our friends and family. We recommend the best time to visit the park is spring season as April and May months are the best time for flowering, and can we miss camellias and evergreen azaleas in the trip?

Richmond Park
Richmond Park

2. Chel-Ski – Learn Skiing

Learning something new is always great as it can cause some internal development for us. Then, what about learning skiing that too from the well-qualified instructors of Chel-Ski. The training institute for Skiing is located near Fulham Broadway station, and it offers quick sessions on how to do snowboarding and skiing in slopes.

The artificially created slopes are an excellent place for us to train safely before starting with a real battlefield. For everyone who wanted to do some adventure, learn the skills of gliding smoothly on the surfaces. It is fun, it is an adventure, and one of the best unusual things to do in London. Learn it quickly; we have to enjoy the next winter in icy mountains by enjoying the skills.

3. Canal and River Boats

A perfect option for an afternoon. After finishing the lunch, enjoying the waterways of London and covering the beauty of the city and its life, can give us an amazing experience. The trip from Little Venice to Camden Market passing through London Zoo gives in-par experience with a trip in Venice. The guides in the narrow boats of London canals provide a brief commentary on the areas we cover and detail the historical importance of each locality and canals better. Be informed that the long narrow canals were once meant for transportation of goods and people through the city. We can also experience the green lush of the Regent’s Park as the canal is passing through the edges of the park.

4. Explore Greenwich Market

It is time to do a little shopping as the Greenwich Market is known for crafts, antiques, and arts. It has established boutique shops and designer-maker trends which can be a great goldmine for most of us. It also has shops of jewellery, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty & grooming, and everyone would find something from this historically significant market. Forgot to tell the complete story, yes, the market originally started in the 14th century, and it is part of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Maritime Greenwich is adopted as a site by the United Nation’s agency in 1997. We also get chances to visit Greenwich Observatory and Greenwich Park as both are located in the vicinity of the Market. The Market also provides options for enjoying great foods and drinks as there are pubs, cafes, restaurants, wine bars, and more.

5. Speakers’ Corner – Speak the Mind

Speakers’ Corner offers another list of unusual things to do in London. It is an area located northeast of Hyde Park, and speakers can talk about any subject loudly to anyone. Especially on Sunday afternoons, we see a number of people speaking each other about different topics from race, war, religion, sex, etc. People who love the concept of free-speech will love this place as there are no restriction to speak. However, it should be noted that there is no immunity in the area for free-speech, but police usually don’t interfere unless there is a complaint. We can either participate in the discussions and speeches or listen to them. Do anyone need to listen to a vigorous discussion or speech on Brexit or future of EU, visit the park in any Sunday afternoon.

6. Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – A Musical Evening

One of the oldest jazz club in London which started its operations in 1959. People who wanted to enjoy the guitar skills of Robben Ford, trumpet performance of Wallace Roney, songs of Lindsey Webster, piano skills of Lindsey Webster, etc., this could be the right place for them. Another one to the list of unique things to do in London considering the vibrant musical atmosphere being created in the evenings inside the club. The promoters of the club ensure that each evening is made differently with different music experiences. We would enjoy the live music and test our dancing skills along with the high-octane jazz. People who couldn’t access the main jazz club can get into Upstairs @ Ronnie’s. It is a separate jazz club with great music on a daily basis with delicious food and drinks.

7. Enjoy the City in a Mini Cooper

Enjoy a trip through the city and especially in a classic Mini Cooper. The perfect and coolest way to travel through the city and enjoy its beauty. Is that sound great? Be informed that the car is part of British popular culture as it was the economy car during the 1960s. Originally started production in 1959 by British Motor Corporation, the car has a grand, stylish look which no other car offer. The mixed feelings of grandeur, nostalgia and a great riding experience would make the journey an ever-remembering one. Also, we get a chance to go through relics of generations and root of the city’s culture.

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper