Do a free virtual meditation workshop every day from now until forever*

Welcome to our new series, One Good Thing to Do Today. It’s a guide to little things you can actually do in lockdown London that will provide bits of light in these dark times. 

Meditation: it’s our second favourite form of sleeping while awake. (The top spot goes to daydreaming, which is a lot less effortful and more luxurious, despite being arguably worse for you.)

Anyway, if you’re a fan of meditation or you’re just very, very stressed right now, you might be excited to know that there are free virtual mediation sessions running most mornings and lunchtimes throughout lockdown.

The sessions are led by Inner Space. a meditation and personal development centre in Covent Garden. They run live and take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The early bird ones take place at 8.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Meanwhile the lunchtime slot is at 1pm every day. You register here and sign in using the webinar id: 117 056 044 (password: 618335).

Expect to leave each one the proud owner of less stress, more headspace and the knowledge that you’re doing something quite challenging in order to look after yourself better.

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