Croydon has the highest concentration of witches in the UK

Croydon. Harmless little Croydon. Home to Stormzy, Peep Show and… a whole load of witches, apparently.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the south London borough has the highest number of people in the UK who identify as Pagan and Wiccan, with 56,620 listing their religion as Pagan and 1,766 as Wicca. That’s a whole lotta witches and we are here for it. 

The stats come from the 2011 census, with data from the 2021 census set to be revealed next year, updating us on the religious persuasions of the residents of everyone in the country. We’re deffo hoping that Croydon retains its crown (witch’s hat?) as our most witchy area though, because it’s the kind of brilliant fact that we’ll be sharing down the pub during any momentary lull in conversation for at least the next two months.

It makes sense that Croydon is quite so coven-friendly, as the area has long been home to Witchfest, an annual gathering of witches held by the Children of Artemis, a non-profit group of UK based witches. Postponed due to COVID, it looks set to return to Fairfield Halls in autumn 2022. Plenty of time to invest in a nice new broomstick for the occasion. 

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