A big London Eye-esque wheel could be Camden-bound

Camden is a place that, famously, doesn’t change much. Trends come and go. But Camden is eternal.

Today plans were announced that might affect that reputation. The market’s owners, LabTech, have proposed a 32-metre observation wheel that would open to the public in 2022. The wheel would provide views of Regents Canal, as well as the streets and neighbourhoods of Paddington in the west and Limehouse in the east.

The Camden Eye (not an official name, we just made it up just now) would be located in the market’s West Yard, and feature glass pods each themed on a musician or musical genre that somehow relates to Camden. They’ve not given further details yet but our money would be on someone whose name rhymes with Ramy Binehouse. 

The plans encompass more than just that big ol’ wheel though. The market’s owners want to refurbish and the open the Grade II listed Dead Dog Basin and East Vaults, neither of which have ever been accessible to the public before. The idea is that they’ll be used to host exhibitions and cultural events, but you had us at ‘Dead Dog Basin’ to be honest. We were always going to want to see that.

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