5 money-saving offers at London restaurants to help you get back ‘out’ there

In case you couldn’t tell from the onslaught of articles and social media posts, we’re just a teeny bit excited about switching back from Time In to Time Out. Seeing London regain a greater sense of normalcy is a beautiful thing and, like you, we can’t wait to get back out there and visit the incredible restaurants, bars, pubs, pop-ups and attractions that our beloved city has to offer. 

But if you cast your mind back to pre-lockdown London, you might remember that enjoying this city isn’t always the cheapest interest one could have (how did we forget the sting of a £6 pint?). Which is why it brings us enormous pleasure to tell you that it’s not just our magazine that’s back. Our great deals on going out are back, too. Once again you’ll be able to savour the sweet taste of a bargain bottomless brunch, massively discounted drinks and deliciously cheap dinners. 

And it gets better, too. To mark this frankly historic occasion, we’re giving you a mystery discount of between 5 and 20 percent off on some of our best deals. That’s on top of the existing discount, so you’re saving some serious cash. If you want an idea of the kind of offers you can expect, here are five of the best. 

65 percent off unlimited small plates and bottomless drinks at Inamo

Celebrate the return of London’s favourite high-tech Japanese restaurant group with an all-you-can-eat pan-Asian feast and free-flowing booze. 

£25 for a three-course sharing menu and a cocktail at Sea Containers

Sea Containers offers one of the best views of the Thames that you will find in London. Soak up the scene over a lavish dinner and cocktail with this exclusive offer. 

Unlimited pizza and a drink for just £12.50 at Lost Boys Pizza

Ever been to a vampire-themed pizzeria? Didn’t think so, so now’s your chance. The black-dough pizzas look bloody fangtastic. 

£20 for bottomless beer and wings at Yum Sa

If there’s a better combo than beer and wings out there, we’re yet to find it. You can chow down on as many Thai wings as you can handle, plus all the beers you care to sink, for 42 percent less. 

Up to 66 percent off three courses and a glass of prosecco at Hot Stone

Not only does this place serve up some outrageously delicious-looking dishes, but you’ll be able to grill your own cut of wagyu beef on a personal 400C lava stone. Careful now.


Looking to save even more cash? Here’s a map of all the restaurants near you taking part in Eat Out to Help Out.

This is what London restaurant staff want you to know about dining out in the New Normal.

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