4 things to try barbecuing this weekend

Bored of mediocre sausages? Honey & Co’s Sarit Packer shares her tips for a more interesting barbecue

Stone fruits

‘Smoke cherries, peaches, plums and apricots. You don’t want them to go black, but you do want the skins to blister and explode. While they sizzle, make a floral syrup by combining sugar, water and rose petals or rosemary. Drizzle it over the fruit and finish off with a scoop of ice cream.’


‘This is a dessert that I grew up eating as a snack on street corners in Haifa, Israel. Imagine a shredded pastry, layered up with cheeses (I use mozzarella, or goat’s cheese with feta) and soaked with a load of sugar syrup. You can get the pastry from Middle Eastern grocers. Just toss it in loads of butter and cheese in a metal pan on the barbecue.’

Salted stuff

‘For a classic Greek meal, rest sea bass or mackerel in a salt-water solution for 20 minutes. When you grill it, the flesh will stay super-moist while the skin goes crispy, with a salty crust. Throw some potatoes into the embers to cook, and grill some asparagus lightly brushed with the salt water.’


‘I use a tight-leaved white cabbage. Cut it into quarters and brush with some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. Char one side it until it’s quite dark and keep flipping until the inside is steamed. To serve, douse it with garlic butter.’ n Interview by Chiara Wilkinson

Honey & Co will be barbecuing at Meatopia in Tobacco Dock, Sep 3-5.

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